Echo Dot Integration

What if you could turn on your kitchen lights or air conditioning with a simple voice command? It’s possible if you pair your smart home devices with Amazon Echo. 

  • Record video View video from indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras from your smartphone, anywhere at any time.
  • Turn on your lights Are your hands occupied preparing a meal or working on a project in the garage? Just ask, and Vector Security will turn the lights on or off for you.
  • Arm your security system Settled in for the night? No need to get up. Arm your security system with a simple voice command and relax with peace of mind.
  • Adjust your thermostat Make your home the perfect temperature. Ask what the temperature is and then adjust it to meet your needs.
  • Lock your door Arms filled with shopping bags? Have kids or pets in tow? Lock your front door behind you. Just ask your Echo Dot and Vector Security will do the rest.
  • Close the garage door Can’t recall if you closed the garage door? No worries, just ask your Amazon Echo Dot and Vector Security will close it for you.

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