BEWARE: Scammers ‘Phishing’ for Your Personal Information

Vector Security has become aware that a “phishing” scam targeting Pittsburgh-area and Richmond-area customers is taking place. In phishing, criminals attempt to obtain your personal information (account numbers, passwords, etc.) by directing you to a fake website or posing as a representative of a company.

In the events reported to us, scammers claiming to work for our equipment vendor, Honeywell, are calling customers and offering free upgrades. When the customers began asking questions or requested more information, they were told “we only do this over the phone,” and the scammers hung up abruptly.

While this particular scam has only been reported by Pittsburgh and Richmond branch customers, we want to remind all our customers to NEVER give out personal information to anyone, including those who say they are with Vector Security. We will never initiate a call to you to ask you for this information.

If this – or any other suspicious activity – happens to you, we want to know immediately. Contact your local branch or email us at If you have caller ID try to note where the call originated.