Vector Security has become aware that a “phishing” scam targeting our customers is taking place. In phishing, criminals attempt to obtain your personal information (account numbers, passwords, etc.) by directing you to a fake website or posing as a representative of a company.

In an event reported to us, a person posing as a Vector Security employee contacted a customer by telephone and said he wanted to set her up to make online bill payments. He tried to obtain her banking information. When she said she didn’t have a computer, he hung up abruptly.

We want to remind you to NEVER give out your personal information to anyone, including those who say they are with Vector Security. We will never initiate a call to you to ask you for this information.

If this – or any other suspicious activity – happens to you, we want to know immediately. Contact your local branch or email us at If you have caller ID try to note where the call originated.