Security Solutions That Protect Your Business in the ‘New Normal’

Businesses are facing challenges never before seen. Whether your business is open and operational, running at reduced capacity, or even temporarily closed, the right security solutions can help it run efficiently under the new normal while protecting people and property.


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Scalable solutions you control from a single platform

No matter the state of your business, our security solutions can limit disruption, ensure safer operations and help comply with regulations. And you can control all of it from one integrated, enterprise dashboard.

With the health and wellness of your employees and customers in mind, as well as the safety and security of your physical sites, we offer a range of security technologies to meet your needs through these unprecedented times and into the future.


Leveraging technology such as video cameras and audio speakers can help overcome some of the obstacles that our new normal has created. In these times of reduced or no occupancy, new challenges surface requiring businesses to focus on details like employee and customer traffic flow, checking temperatures, ensuring face masks are worn, and ensuring employees are properly distanced. We have single platform that can address all of your needs.

  • Thermal cameras to check temperature, and feature face and mask recognition.
  • Video that supports people-counting for occupancy management and social distancing recommendations.
  • Video analytics and real-time information that help estimate in-store traffic and people patterns.
  • Exterior and perimeter cameras that cover parking lots, loading docks, customer seating areas, lines, pickup areas, etc.
  • Cameras to look in on stores, sites and facilities to verify safety measures are being followed.
  • Public view monitors and smart speakers to communicate safety reminders.
  • Recorded video to help contact tracing should an employee become exposed or ill.
  • Video verification that reduces emergency response times and helps limit false alarms.

Monitored Alarms

Monitored intrusion and fire alarms provide 24/7 protection no matter if your business is open, operating with limited hours and staff, or closed for the time being.

  • In the event of intrusion or fire, experienced operators are available around the clock to dispatch help.
  • Environmental hazard monitoring can detect plumbing leaks, pipe bursts or carbon monoxide leaks in shuttered stores so there are no surprises when re-opening.
  • Exception reporting and notifications keep you aware of how and when your site is accessed.

Access Control

Access control not only offers touchless solutions, but as businesses begin to offer more flexible work arrangements, their ability to manage, track and report access will become even more important.

  • Touchless access control can reduce contact with shared surfaces like keypads and door knobs.
  • Eliminate keys/keypads and trigger automatic door openers.
  • Run contact tracing reports to identify people who may have used the same door as an infected person.

Talk to one of our experts to see how we can tailor these solutions to help your business operate in this ‘new normal’ and beyond.

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