TruManage Portfolio

TruManage Portfolio

Vector Security Networks offers a wide range of broadband services. Our project team will lead you to the right solutions that offer flexibility and agility for your business.

To make scalability a breeze, TruManage MNS’ portfolio builds upon itself, so customers can easily grow with the solution as their requirements evolve. In addition, clients can pick and choose the options that make most sense for their unique needs, so you get what you need, when you need it.

TruManage MNS (Managed Network Services)

TruManage MNS is Vector Security Networks’ flagship offering that uniquely redefines how Managed Network Services are developed, implemented and supported. TruManage MNS is a robust portfolio of self-contained services and is a part of our TruManage product offerings.

Our solution leverages broadband to improve efficiency, increase brand awareness, drive sales, maximize security and lower costs…with the goal of helping our clients meet their business requirements.


TruManage MNS Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, Cost-Effective Product Entry Points
  • Embraces Broadband as a Commodity
  • Bring Your Own Bandwidth Support
  • Over 200 Certified Partner Relationships
  • Carrier Neutral
  • Hardware Agnostic
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Customer Self-Service Capable for Change and ACL Management
  • Scalability and Future Proofing
  • Integrates with other solutions or can stand alone
  • Enterprise and Franchise Friendly
  • US-Based 24×7 Network Operations Centers
  • Simple Invoicing


TruManage Wi-Fi

Deliver your brand. Engage your Customers.

Vector Security Networks’ TruManage Wi-Fi portfolio has the highest value-to-cost ratio in the marketplace today. Unrivaled in its flexibility, TruManage Wi-Fi gives clients a ‘blank canvas’ when designing their Wi-Fi deployment, support and marketing strategies.


TruManage Wi-Fi Features and Benefits

  • Support for enterprise and guest applications
  • Multi-SSID environments
  • PCI-required Rogue AP Detection
  • Indoor and outdoor components
  • Overlay on any provider’s network
  • Integrated and standalone APs
  • Best-of-breed manufacturers
  • Centrally created, distributed and stored marketing messages
  • Robust splash screen, walled garden and redirect capabilities
  • Centrally manageable via web browser
  • Low cost, high value
  • Content filtering support
  • Quantifiable ROI via comprehensive reporting