National Service Center

One Point of Contact. One Commitment to Outstanding Service and Quality.

The Vector Security Networks National Service Center (NSC) is a single point of contact and dispatch for installation, project management, service and maintenance for all of our multi-site North American business customers. The NSC allows our industry experts to react quickly to all of your security needs, while maintaining a consistently high level of quality. In short, it’s an intelligent approach to service for our multi-site customers.

Quality service when you need it
It's the ultimate in efficiency and effectiveness. The NSC receives tens of thousands of calls for service every month. Our highly-trained staff is able to resolve about 80% of these inquiries without the need to dispatch a service technician to your location. Because we are able to conserve our on-site resources, we pass the savings on to you. However, should you need on-site service, our technicians respond and complete the job in an average of 2.5 days. And because we get the job done right the first time, there’s no need for repeat calls or follow-up service trips, again greatly reducing costs for you.

On-site repair and equipment testing
With an expertise in DVRs, the NSC can repair the security equipment you rely on every day, avoiding the time and costs of having to send the equipment back to the manufacturer. In addition, the NSC tests new equipment and technologies to ensure your business is using the latest advances in loss prevention applications and protocols.

North American jurisdictional compliance & false alarm reduction
At Vector Security Networks, we recognize there is a growing need for better management of alarm permits, false alarm issues and penalties, and shifting local regulations. To address this, the NSC gives your business access to a multiple award-winning Monitoring Center dedicated entirely to multi-site companies like yours.

National Installation Center
The National Installation Center, in the same complex as the National Service Center, is the hub of installation activity for Vector Security Networks multi-site rollouts across the U.S. and Canada. We build an installation team that is custom designed for each customer, emphasizing strict attention to management, supervision, organization and quality in personnel. Our team uses “matrix managing” for each installation project, ensuring a highly-organized operation.