Limit Damage to Your Business.

Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Threats to your business go beyond theft and fire. Water pipe bursts and flooding can destroy property, valuable equipment and inventory. Plus, the downtime can prove incredibly costly, not only in lost income, but also in loss of customers who may be forced to take their business elsewhere. Meanwhile, high carbon monoxide levels can create health and safety hazards for you , your employees and your customers. These threats can occur without your being aware, even if you’re on-site.

That's why environmental hazard monitoring solutions from Vector Security® Networks are designed to accurately detect these threats, warning you quickly so damage can be limited or prevented.


  • Low temperature sensors can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, breakrooms and other areas where water pipes are present. If the temperature in these areas drops below 45 degrees, the sensors alert you and our Monitoring Center operators so action can be taken quickly.
  • Water leak sensors installed in flood-prone areas of your business detect accumulation of water caused by cracked or broken water pipes, loose pipe connections, inadequate drainage or flooding. If excessive water levels are detected, an alarm is triggered to notify you, while a signal is sent to our Monitoring Center for immediate response.

Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon monoxide detectors placed strategically throughout your business warn of toxic carbon monoxide levels so occupants can quickly evacuate.
  • Monitoring Center staff is immediately notified so they can contact you and send help.
  • Our service includes replacement every five years so you can be certain your business is always protected.

For a security solution custom tailored for your business, contact a Vector Security® Networks consultant now.