Focus on Your Business. We'll Handle Your Compliance.


For multi-site businesses spread across several areas, keeping up with ever-changing jurisdictional and permitting requirements can be a daunting, frustrating and costly task.

Seemingly countless municipalities follow different legislation regarding local installation and monitoring licensing, alarm registration, false alarm penalties, and restrictive response laws.

Fortunately, Vector Security® Networks is a recognized expert in jurisdictional compliance, maintaining a full-time compliance department that has the resources and contacts to efficiently and confidently provide this service for you.

Going hand-in-hand with our jurisdictional compliance expertise is our award-winning industry leadership in false alarm prevention and reduction. As active members of FARA, the False Alarm Reduction Association, Vector Security Networks leads the way in developing and implementing proactive strategies to help businesses reduce costly false alarms. The result is the appreciation of not only our customers, but also the security industry as a whole and the law enforcement community. Better working relationships between these three entities equates to a more unified front against crime.

To learn how Vector Security Networks can custom tailor a compliance solution for your business, contact us now.