Channel Partners

Does your business support retail and other multisite companies across North America?

The Vector Security Networks Channel Program positions your business to provide industry-leading managed network services to our joint customers. We believe in building partnerships and not just vendor relationships, and therefore will help to identify opportunities with our customers for your business as well.


  • Reciprocal opportunity sharing
  • Vector Security Networks’ access and influence into the leading brands in the industry
  • Responsive engineering and pricing for partner solutions
  • Cost-effective pricing for broadband connectivity
  • Ability to build a comprehensive, multi product solution for your customers
  • Training and marketing support for your sales teams





  • Vector Security Networks provides pricing to the reseller
  • Ability to build a comprehensive, multi-product solution for your customers
  •  Vector Security Networks is the service provider/partner to the reseller
  • Many Vector Security Networks services can be white labeled and branded under reseller
  • Resellers will uplift Vector Security Networks costs based on their business cases
  • Reseller would own the customer relationship, with Vector Security Networks support
  •  Vector Security Networks will assist in the engineering and design of the solution with the reseller; Vector Security Networks would invoice the reseller directly


Channel Agent

Channel Agents

  • Agents introduce the customer decision makers to Vector Security Networks
  •  Vector Security Networks is the direct services provider to the customer
  •  Vector Security Networks will provide the engineering and design of the solution
  •  Vector Security Networks would own the customer relationship
  •  Vector Security Networks would invoice the customer directly
  • Agents are paid a monthly commission, based on the agent agreement