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IP Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video Surveillance is a vital and effective loss prevention tool, particularly in the retail sector. In fact, retailers invest more in video surveillance solutions than any other type of loss prevention service.

Watch what happens. 

At Vector Security® Networks we custom tailor video surveillance solutions designed to perfectly fit your business. We know your business is unique, so not relying on a cookie-cutter approach helps ensure your specific needs are met.

As our vendors can attest, we are demanding when it comes to the quality and reliability of video surveillance equipment. Each piece of equipment we recommend and install –  from cameras and monitors to cabling and transmitters – is thoroughly tested.

With Vector Security Networks video surveillance solutions you can:

  • View live video or recorded clips of stockrooms, POS terminals, confidential data areas, customer traffic and more
  • Enable motion-triggered settings and receive email or text message alerts when video is recorded. If anything is amiss, you'll know right away
  • Access archived clips on a secure website to prevent tampering or accidental deletion so you can refer back at any time
  • Use video analytics to get data on customer traffic, purchase habits, sales patterns and other information that can improve your business operations
  • Use your computer or smartphone to remotely control your cameras. Turn them on and off and even adjust views

Specialized Retail Video Solutions

For retail applications in particular, Vector Security provides these specialized video services:

  • "Aisle stoppers"-public view monitors located in aisles of high theft so people see themselves being monitored by video
  • Video tours-save time and money by allowing regional managers and others to tour a store remotely to make sure visual standards are being met
  • Analytics-provide the ability to see how long customers wait in line, see why customers might leave the store part-way through their shopping, monitor staffing issues, determine conversion ratio of those up pick up promoted items

Other retail-specific applications include:

  • Standard retail-specific video platforms
  • Customized bundled video designs
  • Analog to IP conversion programs
  • IP retail usage consulting
  • Video upgrade programs
  • Cabling pathway planning
  • Hybrid digital video recorders
  • National pricing
  • Public view monitors
  • Component restocking & replacement
  • DVR repair
  • Interfacing to data mining – POS systems
  • Customer counting technologies