The hidden force in healthcare.

Vector Security® Networks isn't always visible, but what we do everyday is vital. We design, install and monitor holistic security and network solutions across the country for all types of healthcare facilities.

We are your partner in security and managed networks. And we work closely with you to determine the best solution for your facilities, the end result is a seamless solution that becomes part of the fabric of your business.

Integrated Physical Security
and Managed Network Solutions

Download our brochure and learn more about how Vector Security Networks works with you to determine your security and network needs and become an integrated solution working behind the scenes to ensure you facility is secure and your business is operating intelligently.

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In this series of four white papers, you’ll gain insight from Vector Security Networks into healthcare security from a number of different perspectives, including: The Challenges of Healthcare Security, Operational Security Issues for Healthcare, Healthcare Security and Environmental Design, and Cyber Security in the Healthcare Environment.



In this white paper, you’ll learn how crimes of opportunity, exploitation of residents, workplace violence, and resident elopement make security a critical element of everyday operations in the senior care environment.



Many Solutions. One Source.

One Source Solutions means we offer complete security solutions - physical security and managed networks - for multi-site healthcare facilities. As a single-source provider, we focus on efficiencies, scalability and performance, giving holistic visibility and management control over all your facilities.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance strategically positioned throughout your facility not only as a crime deterrent or to monitor and archive security events, but toensure policy compliance and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Access Control

Access control eliminates the need for keys and provides management of entry to critical areas of your facility, including drug storage, records rooms and server areas. The centralized control and reporting
also simplifies compliance and audits.

Alarm Services

Alarm services provide 24/7 fire and security monitoring of sensitive areas and reduce expensive false alarms. Additionally, we provide business intelligence that spots trends for you and tells you when to take action.

Managed Networks

Managed networks that include high-performance broadband, secure/guest Wi-Fi, VPNs for corporate and vendor access, IoT and BYOD segmentation. We also provide SD-WAN as well as network
resiliency and redundancy solutions to address all of your security, regulatory and compliance issues.


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