Frequently Asked Questions for Vector Security and IRG Customers

Q. Who is Industry Retail Group?
A. Industry Retail Group (IRG) is a Gartner-recognized provider of customized managed network services designed and deployed based on customer needs and business objectives. IRG addresses the needs of thousands of Fortune 1000 retailer sites, quick-serve restaurants and convenience store chains.
Q. Who is Vector Security?
A. Vector Security is a top 10 integrator of physical security solutions for North American retailers and multi-site businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. Today, Vector Security serves more than 45,000 national account sites across North America.
Q. Why did Vector Security acquire IRG?
A. As an industry leader, Vector Security has anticipated tomorrow's technology needs and is positioning itself to meet the demands of customers who want broader insight and intelligence into their operations at all levels. With IRG, Vector Security has the opportunity to offer True Business Visibility – unmatched insight to your business through data analytics, intelligence gathering and connectivity solutions to support your operations, marketing, finance, merchandising and security objectives. All this will be provided through a convenient, single-source partner.
Q. What are the customer benefits of this acquisition?
A. The acquisition of IRG provides the foundation to provide our customers with True Business Visibility. IRG's industry-leading network solutions, coupled with Vector Security's physical security solutions and analytics give the company the opportunity to provide customers with business intelligence that no other security vendor can provide. The information can be used to support our customers' operations, marketing, finance, merchandising and security objectives, thereby helping to improve overall business performance. Customers also benefit from a single-source provider, as well as custom tailored solutions delivered through exceptional customer experiences.
Q. How does this change impact me on a day-to-day basis? Who do I work with? Will my contact(s) change?
A. Existing relationships will remain in place and nothing will change that would potentially impact your project in progress. You will continue to work with the people and teams you are already familiar with, and you will continue to receive the same level of quality service you've come to expect from both Vector Security and IRG. Phone numbers and email addresses for your IRG contacts remain the same.
Q. Will IRG change its name?
A. IRG will continue to operate under its current name as a Vector Security company.
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