Stop Shrinkage Where it Starts

insidePOS™ is an intelligent, point-of-sale monitoring service that spots and analyzes cashier infractions as they happen – not days, weeks, or even months later – by sending video clips and point-of-sale data based on the exceptions you specify. Exceptions could include:

  • Refunds
  • Voided transactions
  • No sales
  • Drawer openings without a sale
  • Sales under one dollar
  • Reverse transactions
  • Cashier in and out
  • Zero dollar transaction

Here's what the owner of Gordon's Ace Hardware had to say about insidePOS™:

“The concept of combining a camera system, POS data, and a monitoring service into one product offering is a concept that will revolutionize the industry … the video clips have been used to train our management team, fix loopholes in our POS security system, and our employees are subtly reminded that procedures must be followed or questions will be asked. I can’t imagine running my company without it.”

                                                            – Jeremy Melnick, Owner, Gordon’s Ace Hardware

To find out if insidePOS™ is right for your business, contact:

Mike Weyrich
National Accounts Manager
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