No drills, no screws, no problem. You don’t have to be an installation expert to mount security cameras in and around your home. Screws are invasive. And if you’re not careful, you can cause damage to your home’s interior or exterior whenever installing security cameras.

Fortunately, there’s a way to reconfigure virtually every type of security camera, so you don’t have to drill into your home, which is great for apartment renters or new home buyers. Here’s how to mount security cameras without screws.

Siding Hook Mounts

Siding hook mounts are a great option if you want to install security cameras outside and your home has a siding finish. There are many siding hook mounts available online. However, you could probably find them at your local hardware store as well.

For installation, you generally want two sliding hooks for each camera, especially for larger ones. All you have to do is put the hooks underneath the gap of the siding. Make sure the hooks are snug and secure. Next, align the camera’s mount with the sliding hooks and screw it into place (the screws won’t go through the wall). Then, align the security camera with the mount and twist it into place.

And that’s that. However, it’s important to note that you want to place siding hooks out of reach from the ground, for it’s easy to grab the hooks and pull them out.

Gutter Mounts

Gutter mounts are another great non-invasive option if you want to place security cameras outside your home. And unlike siding mounts, they can work for basically any type of home. There are plenty of gutter mount options online or at your local hardware store. They tend to be a little more expensive than siding hooks.

Most gutter mounts act as a clamp that you can tighten around your gutters without requiring screws. All you have to do is place the gutter mount at your desired location and tighten the clamp into place. The mount also has a treaded port, so you can screw your security camera into place. You want to check to see if the thread matches your security cameras. If it doesn’t, you can get an adapter, so it matches your camera’s thread.

Corner Mounts

Corner mounts are the most versatile type of mount on this list. You can use them both inside and outside your home. And they work on most wall surfaces, including brick, stone, wood, siding, etc. However, for most effective use, you want the surface area to be as smooth as possible.

To mount, all you need is industrial tape or command strips. You place the adhesives along with the flat exterior parts of the mount and then push it into place. For most corner mounts, there are two additional screw holes for additional support. However, those are generally unnecessary unless you have heavier security cameras.

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