Cameras are a great tool for security - but can also be an invasion of privacy when placed incorrectly. Are you worried that your neighbor’s security camera is recording footage of your home? Privacy is always important. That is why, if you think there is an issue, you need to address it.

Here we discuss the legality of a neighbor’s security camera pointing at your home and different methods you can take to peacefully resolve the issue.

Can My Neighbor Point a Security Camera at My Property?

The answer may surprise you, but a neighbor can have a security camera pointed at your home. However, there are some stipulations to the rule. They cannot have it pointed to private areas. These include the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, etc. Generally, if your backyard, front yard, driveway, or side is within view, your neighbor isn’t breaking the law.

Now, if you feel like your neighbor is invading your privacy, you may feel inclined to talk to a lawyer and file a lawsuit. However, the laws around CCTV cameras are complicated, legal fees can add up quickly, and you could destroy your relationship with your neighbor. Going to court should always be your last resort. Instead, consider the following options to resolve the situation.

Talk to Your Neighbor

If there’s an issue, the best thing you can do is talk to your neighbor about the situation. Be civil and explain the problem you have. Ask them why they decided to put cameras up in the first place. Are they worried about crime and break-ins in the area? If so, you could suggest alternative solutions, such as starting a neighborhood watch program.

You could also ask your neighbor if they can reposition the security cameras or let you see their camera footage to ensure they aren’t looking at private areas inside your home. If their cameras have a privacy mask, you could ask them to block out areas in your home.

If you talked to your neighbor and they weren’t cooperative, and you still feel like they’re invading your privacy, there are still other options you could pursue.

Add Shrubbery and Foliage

Adding trees or shrubs to your yard is a great cost-effective way to increase your home’s privacy. Not to mention, the new foliage could be a nice revamp to your property. The key here is to place your items strategically. These include in font of windows, entrances, or the direct line of sight of the security camera.

There are ready-grown trees you can buy that can immediately give you the privacy you need. Shrubs are great for protecting lower lines of sight. The best part of this solution is it provides value to your home and doesn’t require consultation with your neighbor.

Install Your Own Security Camera

There are two sides to every coin. Because it is legal for them to have cameras pointing at your property, the reverse is also true.

Now, there is no need to use this rationale to start a cold war with your neighbor. And remember, there are privacy laws you have to follow. But by adding security cameras to your property, you’re essentially telling your neighbor there aren’t any security concerns coming from your yard and that they should reposition their cameras more effectively. 

Additionally, having a security system on your property provides benefits to you and your family too. Regardless if you’re dealing with a pesky neighbor, a security system can better protect your home. If you would like to learn more about getting or upgrading a home security system, contact a Vector Security expert today.