image sensor

Image Sensor

More than just a motion detector, the image sensor allows you to see what is moving. Whether it's your kids or another welcomed visitor—or a true emergency—you'll get a visual verification sent to your smart device.

Tech specs.

Size & Color

Dimensions: 3.1’’ h x 1.8’’ w x 2.3’’ d 

Color: White
Weight: 3.1 oz. (with batteries and without mounting accessories)

Image Specifications

Image: VGA 640x480 pixels 
Image Color: Yes (except in night vision) 

Night Vision: Image capture with infrared flash (black & white) 

Detection & Connectivity

Communication: Wireless with the security control panel 

Detection Range: 35-foot with a 90-degree horizontal FOV 
Detection Configuration: PIR sensitivity and pet immunity settings, tamper detection, walk test mode, supervision 

Supervisory Interval: 100 minutes (sensor), 3 hours (alarm hardwire) 
Wireless Signal Range: Greater than 400 ft open air 


Certifications: UL 639 certified

Operating Temperature Range: 60° to 80°F


Power Source: Recommended 2 AA 1.5v Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries.
Batteries: Refer to the Batteries section for details

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