FamilyKIT Camera. The Smart Way to ‘Keep In Touch.’

Do you have a loved one you’d like to look in on remotely from your mobile device? We have an integrated solution for you. Send them a self-setup FamilyKIT camera for only $199 down and $12 per month.
Add a FamilyKIT Camera to your system today.

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Easy self-setup.

The FamilyKIT camera, easily set up inside your loved one's home, integrates with your own home's security system, making it easy to stay connected while extending your home's smart security features to them.

FamilyKIT Camera Special. ‘Keep in Touch’ with Friends and Family.

You can’t be with the people you love all the time, but the FamilyKIT Camera, placed inside a family member’s home, acts as an extension of your existing security system, giving protection and peace of mind to relatives living away from you.

$199 down/$12 per month when added to your existing home automation or connected home security package.


Benefits of the FamilyKIT Camera

Two-way audio

Use the Vector Security mobile app to call a loved one and talk to them using the camera’s two-way audio feature. Likewise, your family member can initiate a hands-free call to you using the camera’s push-to-talk button…no smart phone required! 

Check-in visually

The 180-degree, wide-view camera with 1080p resolution can monitor a remote relative's living space, providing a direct connection between you and your loved ones. View live footage anytime, anywhere using your mobile device.

Verify safety

From the Vector Security mobile app, family members can verify well-being and quality of life with daily updates of important activities and video clips in your relative’s home.

Keep in Touch

Activity charts, daily highlights, summaries, and proactive alerts keep you one step ahead of emerging quality-of-life issues so you can take action.

Push notifications

Receive video clips of activities you specify for an additional safety net. Alerts let family members and caregivers know about potentially dangerous situations or when all is well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the FamilyKIT camera different from the camera(s) I already have inside my home?

The FamilyKIT camera is set up inside the home of your loved one. It integrates with your existing security system, allowing you to talk to and see your family member at any time using the Vector Security app powered by on your mobile device. You can also receive real-time alerts for events you specify.

What are the benefits of the FamilyKIT camera?

The FamilyKIT camera is an extension of your existing security system, giving protection and peace of mind to relatives living away from you. It’s the first smart home video solution designed to help families keep in touch and empower healthy, independent living by integrating with your own existing security system. You’ll stay connected to ensure your loved one is able to live independently and safely.

Does my family member need to live within the Vector Security service area to use the FamilyKIT Camera?

No, we can ship the camera directly to your family member for easy at-home self-setup.

Add a FamilyKIT Camera today for $199 down and $12/month

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