Protect your church with business security solutions from Vector Security.

Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship can be targeted for crime due to intolerance, or because they are seen as easy targets. They also house expensive and rare relics, icons, artwork, stained glass and antiques, which further put them at risk.

Protect your church with business security solutions from Vector Security. Our experts assess your security needs, taking into consideration location, needs of the staff, hours of operation and the people served, and any other unique requirements.

Thousands of churches trust us to protect against burglary, vandalism and theft of precious relics and artifacts. And while we have national expertise and reach, we believe the best customer service comes locally. So we’re always there for you, no matter the size of your church.

Mobile Security

Intrusion and Fire Solutions – Did you set the alarm? Use the app to arm and disarm your system or set arming schedules. Was that a false alarm? Check if an alarm is real. If it’s not, simply disarm and reset the system from the app.

Video Surveillance – View video to check on employees and church members or to identify theft. Look in on areas that house relics, antiques and other valuable items. Stay connected to your church even when you can’t be there.
Access Control

Access control – Unique user access codes let you know who has entered a specific area of your business, alerts for triggered events you specify let you know when something that matters to you occurs, set up unique access codes…all with the Vector Security mobile app.

If you’re ready for new, intelligent security solutions or to move on from disparate systems, poor customer service or security that just doesn’t fit your needs, contact us. Vector Security means business…and we’re ready to talk about yours.

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