Security Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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Our goal is to design safe and reliable custom security solutions that address the evolving needs in the healthcare industry.

We design, implement, and monitor security solutions for all types of healthcare providers across the country, including:

Dialysis Centers
Medical Services Facilities
Urgent Care Centers
Rehabilitation Facilities
Senior Care Communities
Primary Care Offices
Healthcare Systems

More than a vendor…your partner

We are your partner in security and life safety. We work closely with you and take into account your location and the number of facilities, as well as patient, clinician, and staff needs. And the end result is a seamless solution that becomes part of the fabric of your business, supporting your security management plan to create a safe, connected and welcoming environment.

Because we work side by side with you to determine your security needs, we become an integrated solution – working behind the scenes – to ensure your facility is secure and your business is operating intelligently.

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Security solutions that fit your needs

Whether you have one site or 20, we design custom solutions that fit your unique security needs. Here are some of the solutions we provide at Vector Security:

Video Surveillance

Deter crime by strategically placing surveillance cameras throughout your medical site or facility. Always have a bird-eye-view on critical areas, such as restricted rooms, drug storage locations, etc. Archive specific security events. And ensure policy compliance to help improve operational efficiency.

Access Control

Eliminate the need for old-fashioned keys to navigate your facilities. Access control allows for easier management among individuals entering critical areas in your facilities. Restrict access to only authorized personnel for specific locations, such as record rooms, server areas, pharmaceutical storage, and more. There is also centralized control and reporting to simplify compliance and audits.

Alarm Services

Vector Security provides 24/7 fire and intrusion alarm services. Our around-the-clock coverage ensures your facility is always protected, and we can help reduce expensive false alarms. Additionally, you receive security insights that can spot trends and give you the necessary information to take action.

Single Platform Convenience

Video Surveillance Icon
Video Surveillance

Lets you view activity in common and restricted areas, while gaining insights that can help boost security and operations.

Access Control
Access Control

Gives staff access to the areas they need with customized credentials.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras for temperature and mask detection.

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Analytics that can help improve operations as well as the safety of your patients, employees and visitors.

Measuring Up to Industry Regulations

As is the nature of the healthcare industry, there are many legislative, legal, and industry standards healthcare providers must adhere to. We’ll work with you to ensure our security solutions meet all the necessary industry regulations. These include:

CMSS Rights of Participation
Joint Commission Accreditation
And More
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Learn how our experts can tailor solutions for your healthcare operation.

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