Stop Theft Before it Happens With an EAS Security System

As a result of shoplifting, retailers lose multiple billions of dollars each year. As shoplifters become more savvy, working in teams or using their own technology to try to block electronic detection, it is imperative that retailers stay ahead of them.

Vector Security® is an established leader in loss prevention, including electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. In fact, we developed and built an infrastructure specifically to support our EAS program base. This includes EAS equipment, staff, field technical support and ongoing customer service.

Our experts know the EAS requirements of each store are unique. The types of inventory carried, the visual standards and layout of the store, the positioning of staff—these are all important variables. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to EAS. We believe a successful, effective EAS solution must be tailored to your business, based on a thorough discussion and understanding of your objectives.

To learn how Vector Security can design an EAS security system for your business, contact a Vector Security® expert today.