When you invest in home security, you experience all the advantages associated with your investment. Whether it’s peace of mind or a good night’s rest, a home security system ensures that you and your property are protected. However, you’re not the only one benefitting from your system—your neighbors are too. Here’s how.

Improved Lighting

Dark areas provide cover for intruders. One common tactic to reduce darkness and combat crime is to increase lighting. When you strengthen your home’s visibility, it makes suspicious activity easier to spot. But, lighting your home’s perimeter also lights areas of your neighbor’s home. This makes it easier for everyone to identify and report crime.

Motion-sensing lights help uncover outdoor activity. When motion is detected, these lights automatically turn on, alerting homeowners and neighbors of movement. If your neighbors see your lights turn on, they know something or someone is in the area.

Enhanced Monitoring

Home security surveillance equipment, like outdoor cameras, allow homeowners to keep an eye on their home’s exterior. Whether monitoring your driveway or back patio, outdoor cameras give you an extra set of eyes on your property—and possibly parts of your neighbor’s property as well.

In June of 2017, a Phoenix resident’s surveillance camera caught a burglar breaking into a neighbor’s home. The resident gave the footage to the authorities and an arrest was made. Doorbell cameras in a South Kansas City neighborhood were able to capture a ring of burglars who were knocking on doors to see if homeowners were present, then breaking down the door to steal valuables.

These are just two of many cases where home security cameras were able to catch criminals and provide a safer neighborhood for all residents.

Increased Alertness

When your home and other homes are protected with security systems, word will get around. Criminals will find homes in your neighborhood less attractive because they know there’s a greater risk they’ll get caught. You and your neighbors will experience less crime due to your proactive approach to home security. The appeal of your system may even motivate your neighbors to install one of their own.

A neighborhood with one home security system is safer than a neighborhood with none. When you install a home security system, not only do you increase your safety, but also your neighbor’s safety. And for that, they should thank you.

What actions have you taken to increase the security of your home and how have they impacted the safety of your neighbor? Share in the comments below.