Home security is important to ensure your valuables and loved ones are safe, and DIY options offer an affordable and customizeable solution. If you haven’t yet thought about DIY home security, here are some reasons you should.

Why DIY?

When used properly, DIY home security offers a number of benefits. Reasons it should be near the top of your priority list include:

  1. It’s rapidly growing in popularity. There are reports that nearly 30% of all new home security sales are DIY, and most security market experts anticipate massive DIY security growth going forward. As much as 34% of the home security market share could be controlled by DIY security systems by 2020.
  2. It’s completely customizable. One of the major benefits of DIY home security is the customizable aspect of the products you choose. You buy only the equipment you need, with the option to add more products over time. For example, you could install a camera in one area of your home, and when your budget allows for it, purchase additional cameras later.
  3. It’s flexible and movable. Especially for renters or homeowners that may be moving later, the ability to pick up your security equipment and bring it with you is an asset. With DIY home security products, you can install and uninstall products as needed, taking them with you wherever and whenever you move with ease.
  4. It’s cost effective. DIY home security products offer the peace of mind of a protected home without the hefty price tag of a professionally installed security system. The option of only buying the products that fit within your means is a budget-friendly approach to security.
  5. It offers an added layer of protection. If you choose a DIY home security vendor that offers on-demand home monitoring, you’re granted the extra protection of a professional monitoring center. Monitoring can be turned on and off as needed, giving you access to a professional call center that will connect you with emergency services.

Don’t ignore the many DIY home security options available to you. You could be missing out on important home protection capabilities.