Technology makes our lives more productive, more organized and in most cases, safer. However, hackers and thieves are always looking for ways to tap into our most valuable assets using technology.

Recently, over two billion records were exposed in the massive Orvibo smart home device breach, making it one of the largest data breaches of 2019.

According to CyberTalk, misconfigured technical tools and a lack of basic password protection set the stage for the attack. With the stolen assets, hackers were capable of locking people out of their own accounts and remotely controlling home devices.

While strangers hacking into your home devices is unnerving enough, there are even more dangerous implications. Cyber criminals can monitor your energy use and track when you turn the lights on and off, giving them insight into your daily schedule. By monitoring these behaviors, hackers can predict the most opportune times to break into your home.

In light of the Orvibo breach, it’s important to reflect on your own personal home security. With hundreds of home security solutions on the market, you should feel reassured your security system will keep you safe. However, proper security starts with installation. Having secure smart home devices and professional installation is crucial to the safety of your home. Had the Orvibo smart home devices been properly installed by professionals, thousands of families may have avoided being hacked.

Here are the top reasons to have your security system professionally installed:

1. Professional Installation Gives You Peace of Mind

Installing your security system on your own poses a greater risk of criminals hacking into the safety measures you set in place. Not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to technology, so it’s important to find a provider that can help along the way.

Experts do this every day and know what to look for during installation. Additionally, risk is reduced since security professionals are insured. This means you’re covered if there is an issue with your system.

2. Get the Most Out of Your Security System

Professional installers are trained experts who optimize products to provide you with the highest level of security. Technicians can walk you through the process of installation and setup to offer insight into your unique security system functionalities.

For example, Vector Security technicians work with you during installation to ensure your system is operating properly.

3. Avoid the Frustration of Installing Systems Yourself

Be realistic about your skillset. Ask yourself if you’re willing to invest the time into correctly installing the system. If you feel at all unsure about your abilities, bringing on the help of professionals is the safest option.

Additionally, there are individual state laws and regulations regarding unauthorized video surveillance. Professionals are familiar with these laws and can ensure your security system abides by the most up-to-date regulations.

At Vector Security, we understand how daunting choosing the right security system for your household can be. For more information on home security or to schedule a one-on-one consultation, contact us today.