Approximately 30 percent of all home security systems in the U.S. are part of a “connected home.”

A connected home integrates all smart devices under a single network. Whether it’s Wi-Fi or broadband, these networks allow home security devices to communicate with one another.

However, not all homes that utilize smart equipment are connected. Sometimes, homeowners buy separate devices that are controlled through several apps, run on different networks and are entirely separate from other equipment in their home.

Although disparate automated home security devices are better than no security equipment at all, a connected solution provides homeowners with several advantages. Below, we highlight three top benefits of a connected home security system.

1. Convenience

One advantage of having all smart home security equipment under one network is that you only need a single app or one control panel to operate the system. Connected home solutions centralize all aspects of your system and allow you to control smart lights, thermostats, locks and other features via a control panel inside the home or through an app on your smartphone.

When devices are not connected, users often have to download multiple apps and operate equipment through more than one panel or network. This can complicate control and even result in malfunctions if a network goes down.

2. Professional Grade

Unlike standalone home automation devices, many connected home security systems are built to professional security standards. Choose a connected solution that’s installed by professionals and monitored by a 24/7 monitoring center. This means the homeowner and emergency services are notified by monitoring center operators when the system detects a threat. 

3. Better Security

Lastly, cyber security is a huge advantage of having a connected home system. When all security devices are connected to a single network, cyber security is stronger than it would be for separate automated home equipment. Instead of setting up cyber security safeguards for every single device, a connected system is protected underneath one solution.

Additionally, connected systems use a single network, as opposed to automated devices that are hosted on their own network connections. Cyber security for a connected system is also easier to maintain because there is only one passcode, network and connection to secure.

Although disparate security devices can still help provide you and your home with benefits, connected systems give homeowners more convenience, control and security. Whichever system you have, contact a trusted security professional for proper set-up and installation.

What advantages do you most appreciate about your connected home security system? Share in the comments below.