A home renovation can be complicated and costly. In fact, the national average cost to remodel multiple rooms in a home is almost $40,000.

With that kind of investment, why skimp on the system designed to protect your house? A renovation is the perfect time to think about a security system.  Both during and after the renovation, home security is a benefit to you and your revamped abode.

Home Security Benefits During a Renovation

During your home renovation, there are multiple reasons why maintaining, installing, or upgrading your home security system will make the process smoother and safer:

  1. Improved home safety. There will probably be construction workers and tradespeople entering and exiting your house throughout the day. This can be a risk to your home’s security, but a security system with video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on who is coming and going, as well as your valuables.
  2. Control of who can enter. If you want more control over who has access to your home, implement access control to remotely unlock doors and garages for workers.
  3. Accident awareness. A monitored smoke alarm will keep workers and your home safe in case of a construction emergency. If a plumbing issue causes flooding or a worker’s power tools or generator produces too much carbon monoxide, you can be alerted immediately.
  4. Streamlined approval process. Your contractor will likely need your approval at multiple points throughout the renovation. Use mobile home security solutions to view a live feed of your project’s progress and give approvals or make requests from anywhere, saving time.

Home Security Benefits After a Renovation

Once the dust settles and you’re ready to enjoy your renovated home, your home security system is just getting started. Enjoy these benefits to a security system in your upgraded living space:

  1. Enhanced property value. After you’ve upgraded your home’s aesthetics, a security system will further bolster its value.
  2. Investment protection. Once you’ve spent tens of thousands to improve your home, protect it and your loved ones with the security features that are best for your lifestyle, like monitored alarms.
  3. All-around upgrades. Your home’s technology can be updated along with the rest of the house. With your luxurious renovation, enjoy smart home technology features, such as intercoms and audio systems.
  4. Greener living. Many home improvement experts are conscious of “green” products and processes, and you may have even installed energy-efficient appliances during your renovation. Continue conserving energy and saving money with a home energy management system, which works in tandem with your security system.

Are you ready to work a home security upgrade or installation into your renovation? Talk to a security expert today and find the solutions that meet your needs.

How did a home security system improve your renovation? Share in the comments below.