This article was previously published on May 15, 2018 and updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Home remodeling is an exciting time, but can also stir one’s nerves. It’s an investment that can help create your dream space and provide long-term satisfaction with your property. However, there are a lot of variables that go into a home remodeling project, and it’s important to be diligent throughout the planning process.

With that kind of investment, why skimp on the system designed to protect your house? A renovation is the perfect time to think about adding or upgrading a home security system. Both during and after the renovation, home security is a benefit to you and your revamped living quarters.

Home Security Provides Benefits During a Renovation

When embarking on a home renovation project, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of redesigning your living space. Amidst the blueprints and masterplans, it's crucial not to overlook a fundamental aspect of homeownership: security.

In fact, renovating your home offers a unique opportunity to enhance its overall safety and protection. During your home remodeling project, there are multiple reasons why maintaining, installing, or upgrading your home security system will make the process smoother and safer:

  1. Improved Home Safety There will probably be construction workers and tradespeople entering and exiting your house throughout the day. This can be a risk to your home’s security, but a security system with video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on who is coming and going, as well as your valuables.
  2. Better Access Control: If you want more control over who has access to your home, implement an access control system to remotely unlock doors and garages for workers, or give them unique access codes.
  3. Enhanced Accident Awareness: A monitored smoke alarm will keep workers and your home safe in case of a construction emergency. If a plumbing issue causes flooding or a worker’s power tools or generator produces too much carbon monoxide, you can be alerted immediately.
  4. Streamlined Approval Process: Your contractor will likely need your approval at multiple points throughout the renovation. Use video cameras to view a live feed of your project’s progress and give approvals or make requests from anywhere, saving time.

A Home Security System Can Keep Your Construction Site Secure

It’s important to note that robberies are increasingly linked to construction materials, taken right off the job site. According to the Consumer Federation of America, home improvement and construction ranked second in its list of the top complaints filed to state and local consumer protection agencies. Additionally, in 2021, there were 11,504 construction site robberies. Burglars often target equipment and building materials, such copper wire, metal piping, wood, bricks, stones, and more.

Building materials are often left out with little monitoring. Likewise, depending on the size and scope of your renovations, you may not be living onsite during the construction period. As a result, your home becomes more susceptible to intrusion, simply by being empty. Not to mention, neighbors almost expect to see workers and strangers around your home, making it easy for someone who may not belong there to approach your home without raising alarm.

Even worse, the cost for stolen items could ultimately come out of your pocket if the renovation team demands coverage. With all factors considered, a home security upgrade can help prevent essential building materials and equipment from being stolen, helping keep budgets on track and ensuring future coverage for any additional renovation projects down the line.

There Are a Lot of Home Security Upgrades to Consider

Smart home technology has made it easier than ever to fortify your home against potential threats. Whether you're looking to bolster your current security measures or pursue a renovation project with security in mind, there are several home security upgrades worth considering.

  1. Smart Locks allow keyless entry, where you can control access to your home remotely, grant temporary access to guests, and receive alerts when doors are locked or unlocked. Smart locks not only enhance security but also offer convenience and flexibility.
  2. Video Doorbells give you a direct line-of-sight from your front door’s POV. It provides real-time video and audio communication with visitors at your doorstep you can access through your smartphone. Video doorbells act as a deterrent to potential burglars and provide valuable footage in case of suspicious activity.
  3. Home Video  Cameras offer high-resolution video, night vision, and cloud storage options. Strategically placed cameras provide constant monitoring and recording, with many systems allowing you to check camera feeds remotely through a mobile app.
  4. Motion-Activated Lighting is a cost-effective way to enhance security. These lights automatically illuminate when they detect motion, providing visibility in dark areas around your home.
  5. Alarm Systems feature wireless, smart, and professionally monitored alarm systems which alert you and the authorities if a break-in, fire, or other emergency occurs. Smart alarm systems also integrate with home automation for added convenience.
  6. Smart Home Integration allows you to control all your smart home security equipment in one convenient location, either through a centralized hub or mobile app. Home automation makes it easier to manage and monitor your home’s security while increasing energy efficiency.

Home Security System Benefits Last Long After Renovation

Once the dust settles and you’re ready to enjoy your renovated home, the benefits from your security system have only just begun. A security system provides long-lasting advantages to your updated living space:

  1. Enhanced Property Value: A security system is a proven way to bolster your home's value.
  2. Investment Protection: Home renovations are large investments. Protect it and your loved ones with the security features best for your lifestyle.  
  3. All-Around Upgrades. Your home’s technology can be updated along with the rest of the house. Enjoy smart home technology features, such as intercoms and audio speakers.  
  4. Greener Living: Many home improvement experts are conscious of “green” products and processes, and you may have even installed energy-efficient appliances during your renovation. Continue conserving energy and saving money with a home energy management system, which works in tandem with your security system.

Investing in these home security upgrades can significantly enhance your home's safety, protect your loved ones, and provide peace of mind. Whether you're looking for increased convenience, advanced monitoring, or a comprehensive security solution, there's an upgrade to suit your needs and preferences.

Are you ready to work a home security upgrade or installation into your renovation? Talk to a security expert today and find the solutions that meet your needs.