Would you rather trust your home security with a human or a robot?

As technology advances, the idea of robots completing different security tasks—like monitoring cameras and conducting emergency evaluations—becomes more practical.

In this post, we explain the future of robotic home security monitoring and weigh the pros and cons of this new trend.

Robotic Home Security Monitoring Advantages

Self-monitored solutions combine artificial intelligence (AI) with security equipment, such as cameras and sensors, to improve system efficiency and accuracy. Through various AI algorithms, this new generation of security systems has the ability to:

  • Enhance data accuracy. Robot-monitored home security systems detect emergencies and then send data electronically to proper authorities.
  • Increase alert efficiency. Most AI-based security systems are designed to identify all types of emergencies whether criminal or natural disasters.
  • Improve response time. First responders arrive onsite quicker since advanced security technology recognizes emergencies and alerts immediately.

Robotic Home Security Monitoring Disadvantages

Smart, AI-based security solutions are designed to provide efficient safety procedures to increase home security, but they aren’t foul proof. The following are some precautions to consider with robotic home security applications:

  • Heavy reliance on networks can be detrimental. If your network goes down, it may render your home security equipment ineffective. Consider installing a backup network you can use in case your current network crashes.
  • Possibility for malfunction. Technology always has the potential to malfunction. For example, your system may lose its connection to your central monitoring center or need new batteries. Regularly perform home security system tests to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Increased risk of cyber attacks. Since a network connection is required, hackers could penetrate the system and disarm it. Update equipment and passwords, and connect to a virtual private network (VPN) whenever possible.

Our Advice

Although we are in favor of utilizing technology and AI to increase home security solutions, we recommend conducting in-depth research first. Always connect with a trusted vendor and discuss potential solutions and risks associated with robotic home security monitoring before implementing.

What’s your take on the future of robotic home security monitoring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.