When you choose to install a home security system, it means you’re concerned with the safety of your home and family. Your home is your main point of comfort, so protection should be a top priority.

Vector Security provides custom-tailored security solutions for your safety needs. Our experts intelligently design systems to fit your lifestyle and budget. Here’s how the Vector Security installation process works.

Home Walk Through

Our experts first conduct a walk-through to evaluate your home security needs. They inspect your property, and note what’s needed based on your home’s physical aspects and your lifestyle. They also look to see if you have children, pets, vehicles or other valuables that need secured. Some specific points of evaluation include:

Security System Design

Once the assessment is complete, Vector Security experts will recommend solutions that relate to the homeowner. The security solutions we offer homeowners include:

Your solution will be custom designed based on your unique needs.

Appointment Set Up

To install your system, you can set up an appointment either online or through a local branch. Typically, a technician will arrive within a two-hour window of the scheduled installation time.

Security System Installation

Every security system is different based on the size of the home and complexity of the system. Ask the technician any questions you may have, so that you understand all your system’s capabilities for maximum security. Example questions include:

  • Can you teach me how my system works?
  • How can I get the most out of my system?
  • What features are included in my system?
  • Are there other features I can add on?
  • Can I test my system?
  • Who can I call for maintenance and updates?
  • Can you explain the central station?

The duration of the installation process can vary based on the intricacy of your system.

Have you installed a Vector Security system? Share your experience in the comments below.