When installing a security system for your home, it is imperative to trust the company and process.

To help you, we outline questions to ask your security provider, installation day details and preparation tips below.

Select a Provider You Trust

You should trust and be comfortable with anyone that you allow into your home. To protect you, most security companies perform background checks on their installation professionals. However, don't assume this is the case. Ask the following questions of your provider before signing the contract:

  • Do installation professionals undergo background checks?
  • How thorough are the checks and how regularly are they performed?
  • What additional pre-employment screening is performed?
  • Do technicians undergo technical training? What type?
  • How many installation professionals are needed to install the system?

The above questions should help ease your mind as you prepare for someone to enter your home, and give you insight into the validity of the security company as a whole.

Start with an Assessment

The best vendors will provide a security system that is tailored to your specific needs. This starts with an assessment, in which you walk through your needs and wants, and the provider develops a cost-effective system to meet your goals.

During this process, evaluate the thoroughness, patience and professionalism of the sales representative. This first touch point is often a good indicator of how the rest of the installation process will go. If uncomfortable during this initial stage, now is a good time to seek an alternate provider.

Prepare for Installation Day

Once you have decided on the security provider and package, you will then be prompted to set up an appointment for a technician to install the system.

Upon arrival at your home, the technician will review your tailored plan with you and confirm where equipment will be installed.

Once a review has been completed, you are no longer needed for the installation process, though vacating your home is not necessary. The length of the installation visit is dependent on your security package and vendor. For example, video surveillance installation takes more time than the simple set up of entryway sensors and keypad monitors. Additionally, a wired system requires about 6-8 hours to install while a wireless system can be installed in approximately 3-4 hours. And if your alarm system has added features, the technician will need extra time to show you how to work those features as well.

Upon completion, your installation professional should take the time to discuss how the system works and answer any questions you have. The security system being installed is for you; do not hesitate to ask questions throughout the installation process.

To discuss in further detail what you can expect from our installation team, feel free to contact us anytime.