It’s a homeowner’s nightmare: you return after a blissful vacation to find your first floor under water.

Luckily, smart home technology can keep this from becoming a reality. recently launched water sensors to detect and prevent leaks, as part of its integrated smart home security program.

Through automated monitoring and remote notifications, smart homeowners never need to wonder if their homes are at risk from water damage. The best part—in the event of a leak, you can take action and shut off your home’s water supply from anywhere, at any time.

Learn the three key benefits associated with water sensor technology below.

1. Detect a Leak From the Start

Water sensors continuously monitor and send information to via a cellular connection. This means that your home is protected even during power or Internet outages. Install sensors in your bathrooms, basement, kitchen and other water-prone areas. If water is detected or a low temperature threshold hit, homeowners will receive text alerts or push notifications through their smart home security application.

Through proactive monitoring, leaks are recognized in real time, enabling you to minimize damages via quick action.

2.Halt a Flood at Any Time, From Anywhere

Once a leak is detected, you can choose the best course of action. Assess the situation in person, or if you have smart surveillance installed, take a look through your remote video feed. If you are unable to intercept the leak, cut off your home’s entire water supply to prevent further damage. An automated water shutoff valve allows you to stop the leak in its tracks from anywhere, at any time.

3. Safeguard Against Pipe Bursts

Utilize home temperature control by incorporating a smart thermostat in your program. This device allows you to receive low temperature threshold alerts when your home has become too cold and pipes are at risk. Maintain safe temperature levels, and save on energy costs in your home with a smart thermostat.

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Most importantly, smart home devices (including water sensors and thermostats) allow your family to enjoy peace of mind while you’re away. Allow your smart devices to monitor your pipes, so you can always return to a warm and dry home.