Vector Security first began selling smart home technology in 2006, and has since upheld its commitment to offering intelligent security solutions, devices and services.

Today, the company has more than four million connected devices deployed in its customers’ homes and businesses.

Understand where smart home security is headed by learning how it has evolved.

August 2006

In August 2006, Vector Security piloted’s web-enabled, wireless and interactive alarm management services to its dealer base.

Products were offered to both home and business customers—allowing them to receive email, cell phone or PDA notifications if non-emergency events occurred. This opened the connected experience to customers for the first time.

June 2012

In 2012, the company refreshed its brand strategy for the first time in 26 years to incorporate smart technology into company goals.

It became the provider of tailored and intelligent security options, and re-launched its website to showcase products and services offered to residential, business and National Accounts customers.

April 2013

Vector Security was one of the first providers to trial energy monitoring services, made available by The system offered an integrated view of home energy use through a web and mobile application.

Energy management products and services soon followed. Now customers could track household energy consumption to monitor utility bills and their carbon footprint. 

December 2014

Vector Security set out to modernize the home security purchasing process—aiming to make the buying experience for online shoppers both seamless and secure.

For the first time, Vector Security customers could purchase home security offerings from the comfort of their homes. Using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, the online store made it possible to purchase and have a monitored system professionally installed with a few clicks.

February 2014

Forget analog cameras. In February 2014, Vector Security rolled out a new, hosted video solution for both commercial and residential customers. CloudControl™ offers high definition image capture and mobile access control to video.

With it, customers could access real-time IP video feeds from their smartphones.

June 2015

To centralize smart home control, the Vector Security home automation mobile security application launched in June 2015. Lights, locks, thermostats and video cameras can now be managed remotely from a singular application.

This application was also made available on the Apple Watch connecting smart wearable technology to smart home devices.

What’s Next?

Vector Security continues to support efforts around home automation with security in mind. We only deploy the latest and greatest devices after they have been put through extensive testing, and we are sure security is in place.  This means you can trust us for your future home automation needs.

Where do you think the smart home technology revolution is headed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Source: Pexels