“Ok Google, ask Vector Security to...”

Yes, you read that right. Through Alarm.com, you can now integrate your Google Home with the Vector Security App. Experience all the comfort and convenience of controlling your home security system with intuitive voice commands through Google Home. Check out some of the possibilities below:

Voice-Controlled Security

Automated personal assistants, like Google Home, make security more convenient. Use voice commands to have your connected devices perform the following tasks:

  • Conveniently arm your security system from the comfort of your bed or couch.
  • Control access to your home and lock the front door by saying, “Ok Google, ask Vector Security to lock the front door.”
  • Activate security cameras to instantly monitor and record any room or area where they are installed.

Voice-Controlled Comfort

No more getting out of bed at night to adjust the thermostat. Now that Vector Security is integrated with Google Home, users can enjoy all the comforting benefits of home automation. Easily manage your home energy and ask your voice-controlled device to:

  • Turn off the kitchen, living room or basement lights.
  • Adjust your smart thermostat to a cooler or warmer temperature.
  • Control a single device or a group of devices. For example, ask to turn off a single light in your living room or all connected smart lights in your home.

Keep Potential Security Risks in Mind

While comfort and convenience are both very appealing to homeowners, there are still potential risks involved with automated personal assistants. If you haven’t already, immediately change factory settings and perform regular updates to avoid cyber threats. Whether it’s through your Google Home or your Amazon Echo Dot, these personal assistants truly make life more convenient by automating daily routines.

What questions do you have about integrating your Google Home with the Vector Security app? Share in the comments below.