Announced today, Security Distributing and Marketing (SDM) Magazine selected Vector Security as the 2015 Dealer of the Year.

Launched more than three decades ago, this award honors major security dealers for their commitment to innovation, customer service and best practices. Vector Security is a second-time recipient.

What makes a top security dealer? Three factors came to the forefront during SDM Magazine’s evaluation of Vector Security’s value and services.

1. Approach Business Differently

Through the One Vector initiative, Vector Security is revitalizing its internal structure to bring the entire company together under one common platform, path and vision. 

Vector Security leaders are continually recognized for their willingness to invest in diversity—from employees, to fresh ideas and business practices. And Vector Security has been called “the most down to earth company,” maintaining a small, warm company culture, within an otherwise nationally recognized business.

2. Commit to Employee Advancement

Vector Security invested more than $1.2 million on initiatives to improve employee education and opportunities this year. From industry certifications and management programs, Vector Security team members were encouraged to move forward in their careers—and it worked. Last year, the company promoted more than 97 employees. While many companies see education as a necessary evil, Vector Security has taken pride in providing opportunities for advancement and growth.

This investment has influenced employee satisfaction company-wide, improving the overall quality and service experienced by customers.

3. Remain on the Edge of Industry Trends

In home and business security, innovation is the key to providing customers with the best programs available. Vector Security has committed to embracing changes in the industry, adapting to new technologies and offering relevant products.

Updates in the past few years have included introducing smart devices, a mobile application and online store into its offerings on the residential side, and combining network management with security services on the commercial side.

Vector Security teams across the country would like to thank customers for their support in achieving SDM Magazine’s esteemed award.

Image Source: Dealer of the Year Logo