Unauthorized, unsupervised teen parties are a recipe for disaster—especially if alcohol, drugs or large groups are involved. They open the door for accidents, injuries, home damage and liability concerns.

Open communication and a trusting relationship with your teen is key to stopping parties before they start. However, home security and automation platforms can act as a further barrier to prevent unruly gatherings. Here’s how:

Keep a Watchful Eye from Afar

The beauty of video surveillance is that it allows you to remotely monitor your home while on the go. The mere presence of cameras could dissuade your teen from throwing an unauthorized party, as they increase the likelihood of parents finding out. Should the party ensue anyway, motion-based alerts or random visual check-ins via the parents while they are gone could help catch a party in action.

Doorbell cameras and access control solutions on front doors can also alert you if there is an unusual number of people coming or leaving your home. If activity is detected, you can log in to view video footage—confirming who exactly is present and whether they are approved guests.

Secure Off-Limits Areas

Alcohol and drugs on the premise can lead to even more dire circumstances. Underage teens may resort to sneaking some of their parents’ if they’re unable to obtain it on their own.

It is advisable to keep alcohol and prescription medications secured when away to eliminate any temptation from your teens and their friends.

Access control solutions on cabinets or motion-sensors that trigger an alert when tampered with can both serve as deterrents. Place these devices on high-risk areas like liquor cabinets, medicine cabinets and beer coolers. This way, you’ll know in real-time if your child is accessing something he or she shouldn’t be.

Stop the Party

If a party an unauthorized party is detected, your smart home can help you stop it. With remote control of home features like lights, thermostats or entertainment centers, your ability to destroy the mood is greater. Turn on the lights and shut off the music. Adjust the temperature to be extremely hot or cold. Sound the alarm system.

Environment changes could signal to your kids that you mean business by making the home an undesirable location for a soiree. If tampering with the mood doesn’t cut it, contact a responsible neighbor or the authorities to shut down the party in person.

How have you used home security to keep your kids and teens safe? Share in the comments below.