Hardwood flooring, updated bathrooms and turnkey kitchens are all features to increase your home’s value. But, each requires expensive renovations and messy projects. You can increase your home’s value without the hassle by investing in the right home automation and security products.

Home automation and security systems are beneficial now and help your home sell faster when the time is right. “Smart home features can boost your home’s resale value by 5%,” according to Consumer Reports. Below, we outline examples of some technology you can buy that appraisers may factor into your home’s value.

1. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats increase your home’s value by saving energy, and therefore, reducing energy bills. Many pay for themselves within two years, providing a lifetime of savings for the new homeowner. Thermostats can adjust the temperature based on the time of day, sync in accordance with your schedule, or be controlled via mobile devices.

2. Smart Lights

Smart lights allow homeowners to turn lights on and off via mobile device, voice-activated technology, or a pre-set schedule. Set lights to turn on when close to home or throughout the day to deter thieves. This smart technology is another appealing feature for potential buyers, as safety is a top decision factor in the buying process.

3. Doorbell

Smart doorbells integrate with your smartphone and allow you to see, hear and speak with whomever is at your front door. This feature can leave an exciting first impression on buyers as they enter their potential new home. Install smart locks for an added bonus, so you can unlock your door from your smartphone.

4. Home Alarm Monitoring

Home alarm monitoring is becoming increasingly popular, so having the hardware pre-installed in a home saves buyers time and money to install a system. The ability for a buyer to easily have 24/7 home monitoring sets your home apart from the rest. Added value for buyers comes from knowing the cost of the system is less than the average amount stolen from a home invasion.

5. Sensors and Detectors

Fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are necessary in every home, so having up-to-date equipment that buyers can trust adds instant value. Additional protection from environmental hazards, such as low temperature sensors to prevent pipes from bursting and water sensors to warn owners of potential flooding, are attractive assets to a home also. Preinstalled preventative measures save buyers from paying large repair costs down the road and can help lower insurance costs.