Your home security system is set up and you love it, but now you’re ready to take it up a notch. Where do you go from here?

Typically, a basic home security system includes:

Looking for something more? Below are examples of add-on equipment that can complete your security system.

1. Intrusion and Protection Sensors

Reduce the risk of a break-in or vandalism with the following equipment:

  • Door/window sensors. Install additional sensors on all windows and doors to receive alerts if opened, or left open. Should someone try to break into your home through these common areas, a break in the contact will alert you and your monitoring center. 
  • Smoke/heat and carbon monoxide detectors. Protect against fires and poisonous gas leaks. Install these devices in areas, such as, kitchens, mechanical rooms and bedrooms.
  • Glass-break detectors. Be aware of a forced entry by installing glass-break sensors. Receive alerts when the glass pane in a window or door has been shattered, so you can respond to the situation quickly.
  • Home disaster sensors. These sensors can serve beneficial if you have concerns of significant temperature swings and water damage due to frozen pipes or flooding, helping prevent damage before it’s beyond repair.

2. Home Automation and Energy Management

Home automation provides security, convenience and energy management. If considering these capabilities, recommended equipment includes:

  • Smart locks. Gain insight into who is entering or leaving your home, and the ability to lock and unlock doors even when away.
  • Smart thermostat. Reduce energy costs and make your living environment more comfortable with a smart thermostat. Adjust settings to your desired preferences via schedules or remotely.
  • Smart Lights. Control your lighting through schedules, actions or manually to better manage your energy consumption and improve your security and safety.
  • Mobile solutions. Control all aspects of your home automation and security system through your mobile device, tablet or laptop. If you forget to turn off your lights or turn your security system on, you can now do this remotely. We try to avoid selling this in today’s offering.

3. Camera and Image Sensors

Increase visibility throughout your home with the following add-ons:

  • Doorbell camera. See who is at your door, and interact with them, from anywhere you have mobile service before you open it to deter intruders from attempting a forced entry. 
  • Image sensors. Identify real emergencies that require timely responses. Know if someone is moving throughout your home and capture photo images of the intruder with image sensors.
  • Indoor cameras. Place cameras throughout your home in areas that are more prone to theft or danger. Examples include entry points, kitchens, bedrooms or playrooms. 
  • Outdoor “entry way” cameras. Deter intruders, and view the exterior of your home near areas such as doors, windows, gates or basement stairs.

In addition, receive real-time alerts if any of the above equipment is triggered while you are away or in another area of your home.

What add-ons would you like to incorporate into your home security system? Share in the comment section below!