Just in case you missed a post, here are the top ten reads from the Vector Security Home Security Blog in 2015.

We pulled together the list below based on visitor data from Google Analytics. We hope you’ll continue to follow our blog as we publish security industry news, insights, trends and helpful how-tos throughout 2016.

Reader’s Favorite Posts in 2015

  1. Tips to Set Up Your Outside Security Cameras
    Outdoor surveillance is a primary solution to stop home intrusion in its tracks. Learn how to monitor your property with three simple steps.

  2. Five Steps: How to Stop a Beeping Security System
    Don’t get caught with a constantly beeping security system. Follow this how-to guide to silence your alarm system in the event of faulty wiring, bad batteries or a power outage.

  3. No Landline Required for Home Security System Installation
    In 2016, you might be planning to finally get rid of your landline phone. Good news: you do not need a standard phone line to keep your home protected. Learn about new technologies that allow for reliable wireless home security systems.

  4. Secure Your Shed: Five Tips to Prevent Theft
    Your shed may house tools that could help a burglar gain access to your home. Learn the basic precautions you can take to protect your outdoor shed against vulnerabilities.

  5. 3 Security Tips For Your Vacation Home
    Vacation homes are a prime target for intrusion when the owners are away for months at a time. Follow these simple tips to ensure your vacation escape remains safe throughout the year.

  6. Will Your Dog Prevent a Home Robbery?
    It’s unlikely that your friendly golden retriever is capable of defending and monitoring your home, dispatching emergency responders or warding off unwanted guests. While your lovable pooch might act as a great deterrent, learn why you still need a professional home security system.

  7. How to Protect Your Home From Smart Lock Hackers
    If you’re a smart homeowner, this post is a must-read. While smart locks offer a secure and convenient way to remotely control your home’s doors, some devices may present vulnerabilities.

  8. 4 Ways to Prevent Daytime Burglaries
    Did you know almost half of home burglaries were committed in broad daylight in 2012? Not all crimes happen under the cover of darkness. Follow this guide to make your home unattractive to neighborhood criminals.

  9. Not All Thieves Are Stupid
    With the advent of technology, criminals have become more creative and savvy in their tactics. Learn five common crimes that could be prevented with a professionally monitored home security system.

  10. 8 Practical Video Surveillance Applications
    These eight practical video surveillance applications help homeowners check in on home security remotely throughout the day. Imagine the possibilities for your family with video surveillance built into your home security program.