The Halloween season invites pranksters to come out and enjoy spooky, ghoulish play.

Common Halloween pranks, such as toilet papering, egging and pumpkin smashing, can be all in good fun, evoking harmless surprise among friends and neighbors. But pranks can also go too far.

Learn how your family can leverage home security technology to protect against Halloween pranks.

1. Keep a Watchful Eye with Video Surveillance

The mere presence of an outdoor Video surveillance system can ward off trespassers. Pranksters don’t want to get caught—so they will likely target unguarded homes first.

Monitor your home by viewing surveillance feeds in real time. Pair with motion detectors to receive alerts the instant suspicious activity takes place outside.

If a prank takes place undetected, homeowners can use video footage stored in the cloud to identify trespassers.

2. Illuminate the Premises with Smart Lights

A brightly lit yard will act as a deterrent to trespassers. Pranksters, like burglars, prefer to complete their mission in the cover of darkness.

Homeowners can use smart lights to remotely turn lights on and off both inside and outside the home to provide the illusion that homeowners are present. Lights can also be pre-scheduled to switch on at specific times.

Similar to motion detecting video cameras, motion detected lights are also a great way to deter unwanted visitors. If movement takes place outside your home, lights will switch on, illuminating anyone outside.

3. Protect Your Home Against Pranks Gone Wrong

A complete home security package, including a monitored alarm system, will protect your household throughout the year. In the event that a Halloween prank is intended to cause property harm, your smart home security program will alert you immediately— allowing you to dispatch emergency responders to the scene, if needed.

Is your neighborhood prone to Halloween pranks? Share how you protect your home in the comments below!

Image Source: Steven Depolo via Flickr