As you prepare for the holiday season and start shopping for gifts, consider this: what if you could gift your loved ones a sense of safety, security and peace of mind?

This year, you can. By carefully curating home security gifts for everyone’s individual needs, you can provide a useful item they’ll appreciate and actually use.

Still worried that people won’t want a home security gift? Well, the numbers tell a different story: the home security has steadily grown in recent years as more people realize the accessibility and convenience of securing one’s home. The global home security systems market is expected to reach $78.9 billion by 2025. Odds are, the people on your list are among the many that prefer a safe and secure dwelling.

Luckily, we’ve picked out the best gift ideas for everyone on your list.

The New Parents

For anyone who’s welcomed new family members this year, the importance of home security has probably taken on a new meaning.

With children in the home, there’s even more of a reason to keep every room as safe as possible—both from safety hazards and outside risks.

Consider the following gifts for the new parents you know:

  • Door and window sensors: Keep parents aware of any toddling escape artists by gifting door and window sensors, which emit a visual and/or audio alarm when doors or windows are opened.
  • Nanny cams: Give parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is always in safe hands by gifting a discreet nanny cam. Just make sure you understand your state’s laws on unauthorized video recording, first. Note: Video surveillance cameras can also act as a great alternative to traditional baby monitors.

The Pet Lovers

It’s likely that someone on your gift list has a pet they cherish. Why not help them feel more secure knowing their pet is safe while they’re not around?

Here are some gift ideas they’ll love:

  • Surveillance camera: A simple-to-install, indoor surveillance camera can help pet owners keep an eye on their four-legged friends. Choose one that syncs with an app for their mobile device, so they can easily view a live feed from anywhere.
  • Environmental monitoring systems: Consider an upgraded fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or temperature sensor that will trigger an alert if conditions in the home ever become unsafe for pets. This is espescially relevant for pets that require a specific temperature to thrive such as lizards or snakes.

The Elderly Recipients

Considering gift ideas for your elderly parents or grandparents? Help them maintain their independence while offering you or others the peace of mind that they’re always safe.

A few ideas include:

  • Medical alert necklace or button: Opt for a wearable or stationary device that allows its user to quickly summon emergency personnel in case of a fall or other urgent situation.
  • A camera for video calls: The elderly individuals in your life could take comfort in having a security camera in their home that their trusted family members can check in on, but it’s even better when that camera can also allow them to make two-way voice calls for immediate communication.

The Tech-Savvy

Is there a technology whiz in need of a holiday gift? Security equipment keeps getting smarter, and there are endless ways to make this recipient’s home more convenient and more secure. Start with these ideas:

  • Smart locks: Wi-Fi enabled smart locks are the perfect solution for avoiding getting locked out, controlling your doors from afar and maintaining a better grasp on how secure your home is. The lock can be controlled with a wireless app that lets security live in the palm of your hand.
  • Smart lights: Gift smart lightbulbs for this recipient to screw into any standard lightbulb fitting throughout their home, but then control using an app. This gift allows for scheduled lighting, energy management and convenience.

Now that you’re inspired, ready to start shopping? Check out these great products.