Labor Day is a widely celebrated holiday in the U.S., marking the unofficial end of summer. As our nation battles the Coronavirus pandemic, we expect that more families than ever will celebrate the long weekend social distancing at home with barbecues and backyard games.

But how can you ensure your family is safe while you celebrate Labor Day? Below, we list some top summertime safety tips that will carry you through Labor Day weekend and right into fall.

1. Keep Your Home Secure From the Palm of Your Hand

Even if you’re spending all your time in the backyard, don’t let your guard down when it comes to your home’s safety. You can ensure your house is secure with the press of a button—and without stopping the Labor Day celebration to step indoors.

Use a mobile app to see live feeds of your security cameras, ensure the alarm is set, close the garage and lock the front door—from your back patio or from miles away.

2. Practice Proper Grilling Safety

Preparing meals on the backyard grill is a staple of Labor Day celebration. However, the National Fire Protection Association reported that U.S. fire departments respond to an average of 10,600 home structure and outdoor fires involving grills each year.

While starting a fire is a huge risk of grilling, so is personal injury. Follow the tips below to stay safe.

  • Stay alert and cautious when lighting your gas grill. Before turning on your grill, ensure that hoses are properly connected and venture tubes are aligned.
  • Grill in a large, outdoor area to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur from burning charcoal.
  • If wind blows out the flame, wait a few minutes before reigniting. This will allow the flumes to dissipate and avoid an explosion.
  • Do not store starter logs or fluid near the grill. Doing so can cause or worsen a fire.
  • Clean your grill after each use to avoid fat and food buildup, which can be flammable.
  • Let the ashes of a charcoal grill cool for at least 48 hours before disposing of them in a non-combustible container.

Again, grills are for outdoor use only. Under no circumstance should they be used indoors or in your garage.

3. Make the Pool a Fun and Safe Escape

With COVID-19 closing or restricting many public pools and travel plans, more families than ever installed above-ground, in-ground and kiddie pools in their yards.

No matter their size, pools are a refreshing and fun way to enjoy the long weekend. However, they can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, a young child can drown in less than two inches of water.

Along with teaching your children vital pool safety rules, increase safety with the following measures:

  • Enclose the pool area with tall, self-locking fences that follow your region’s specific regulations, and install gate sensors so you’ll be alerted when they’re opened.
  • Position outdoor video surveillance around the area. Choose a video surveillance system that allows you to see a live feed using a mobile app, so you can check in on your pool from inside the house and receive alerts if motion is detected near the pool.
  • Keep the area around your pool well-lit. Good lighting will help you see better for a quick safety check and will improve the quality of any nighttime video footage from your security cameras.
  • Use a sturdy pool cover when your pool is not in use to prevent pets or children from jumping in.

4. Beat the Heat

Along with staying hydrated, wearing sunblock and keeping elderly and young family members out of the direct sun for long periods of time, you can stay safe from the end-of-summer-heat by maintaining your air conditioning unit and keeping windows and doors closed.

However, running the air conditioning on all day can be expensive. Instead, use an energy management solution with scheduled timers and remote access to significantly decrease your energy bill and help you live a greener lifestyle. With a mobile app, you can automate the system and turn it on or off from your phone or tablet.

Don’t forget about your pets! Keep an eye on pets indoors using security cameras, and ensure your animals have a cool respite from the hot weather.

5. Keep the Fun Going After Dark

For late-night celebration, keep your family and any guests safe with well-placed outdoor lighting. Consider placing lights near doors, walkways, patios and anywhere people will play or relax.

Pairing lights with motion sensors keeps people from fumbling around the yard after dark, risking injury.

Additionally, smart lighting can pair with other home automation, connect with your security system or sync with a virtual assistant.

Need a Home Security Refresh Before Fall?

Is your home security system lacking? Before fall hits, assess your home security needs and determine if it’s time for an update. If you have any questions, just contact a helpful Vector Security expert