If you’re on the fence about investing in a security system or opting for decoy cameras to save some cash, please take the time to consider the risks associated with fake security cameras. Here we discuss the dangers of using fake security cameras and why you should seriously consider traditional security methods.

Why Would Someone Consider Fake Security Cameras?

Individuals looking for a cheaper security alternative may opt for faux security cameras. They are easier to install and do not require continual maintenance or monitoring. Likewise, they might believe that the appearance of a security camera is just as effective as a standard security system. However, that is furthest from the truth. And below, we discuss why.

Why You Should Avoid Using Fake Security Cameras

To be completely clear, using fake security cameras is a bad idea. They are a massive liability. They don’t provide any real protection to your property. Fake security cameras often look generic and are cheaply made. Since they are fakes, these “security cameras” will not have any branding from authentic security providers, which is a huge red flag.

Not to mention, there are other easy ways to detect if they’re fake. These include:

  • Blinking red lights
  • Lack of cables
  • Low-quality build
  • Does not produce a Wi-Fi signal

And you must remember, if a break-in were to occur, these decoys are useless. Others around you who do not know they are fakes will have a false sense of security. But in the end, you are no better off with the fake cameras.  

Opt for the Real Thing

The bottom line is security cameras are an effective method of deterring crime. Authentic security cameras can give you and your family peace of mind with 24/7 coverage, so it is always better to invest in a working security system.

Whether you are on a budget or a security novice, Vector Security is here to help individuals find the security solutions that fit their needs and budget. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.