There are countless smart home options—making the selection process overwhelming. You may be looking for a complete home automation package, just home video monitoring or a solution in-between. Follow the three steps below to design your connected home.

3 Steps To Design Your Smart Home

1. Do Your Research

To better navigate available offerings, familiarize yourself with words commonly used in the home automation industry. Knowing the language will help you understand available programs and select the right provider for your home.

As you search the Internet or consult with trusted friends and family, don’t compromise security for a cheap smart-home fix. Prioritize quality safety standards first—even the most sophisticated or popular devices have been subject to hacking and product failure. The best way to avoid security issues is to work through a reputable provider. ?

A provider will be able to securely install, monitor and update your system.

2. Choose A Provider

Good smart home providers will customize your program to your household’s needs and budget; there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to smart home security. However, a solid place to start is with smart home devices that are Z-Wave certified. Z-Wave is the technology fitted for the most trustworthy and secure smart home programs.

The best smart home security providers also feature regular maintenance, safety alerts and upgrade notifications. At the center of your smart home security should be 24/7 monitoring; in the event of an emergency, your security team should be able to dispatch responders in just seconds.

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3. Install Your Program

Prior to home installation, ensure your home network and Wi-Fi system are 100% secure, as your devices rely on their safety and dependability. . A secure home network and adoption of network security best practices will help protect your family from cyber intruders that could gain control of your smart security devices, including locks and cameras.

Once your network is secure, you’ll be ready to set up your installation appointment. Upon arrival, your expert provider will ensure the installation process goes smoothly and demonstrate how your new smart home system works.

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