For “kids from one to ninety-two,” everyone in your family likely relies on a mix of high-tech devices. This season, share thoughtful smart technology gifts with your loved ones—young and old—according to their interests, needs and lifestyles.

Check out the below list for some of the most innovative gifts on the market.

5 Tech Gifts for Every Family Member

1. AmazonBasics Executive Stylus: A stocking stuffer for your favorite professional. At just $6, this practical device would be a welcomed gift for any person who regularly uses a touchscreen device. From artists to frequent business travelers, the stylus creates a “smooth pen like writing experience for your touchscreen tablet or phone,” according to Amazon.

2. Moff Band: Help your little loved ones’ imaginations come to life.
The Moff Band is a Bluetooth-connected bracelet that encourages children to be imaginative and active by way of sound effects. From air guitar to clinking swords, the audio wristband creates an experience as the child moves and plays.

3. Apple Watch: A timely gift for any Apple lover.
The Apple Watch offers virtually infinite benefits and opportunities for iPhone users. The wearable device manages the user’s schedule, messages and contacts while monitoring activity and, of course, telling time. The Apple Watch is also compatible with’s smart home application, offering users complete home access control while on the go.

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4. Anova Precision Cooker: Culinary technology that’s a win-win for everyone.
Chefs have been using high-tech precision cookers in four-star kitchens for years. Now, precision cooking is achievable at home for your favorite culinary hobbyist. Cook meats, produce and other foods at precise temperatures. The cooker syncs with your smartphone, sending you notifications when your meal is ready.

5. Connected Home Devices: A gift for the whole family throughout the year.
From a basic program to a web of connected devices, Vector Security offerings are packaged to fit your needs. Your family can control alarms, locks, thermostats, lights and video surveillance devices from your mobile phones, tablets and computers.

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Image Source: m01229 via flicker