With all the excitement of great weather and activity-packed days, it is easy to let safety precautions fall by the wayside.

However, summer is no exception when it comes to crime and accidents. Take the following safety tips into consideration.

‘Gone Fishing

Long beach days, weeks away on vacation, overnight visits to the in-laws—whatever the reason may be, summertime is known to lure families out of the home for extended periods of time.

Be sure to lock up when leaving, no matter what time of day or for how long. Secure windows and doors, tuck valuables out of sight, and arm your security system.

If going away for an extended timeframe, ask neighbors, friends or relatives to swing by the house a few times a week to pick up mail, newspapers and packages. This will help maintain the appearance that the home is active.

Moreover, automated light systems help further the illusion that someone is home. With home automation and remote access control, scheduling light timers and manually turning on and off appliances is a breeze.

See here for more ways to maintain safety when traveling.

Stay-cation Security

You don’t always have to get away to relax. If a stay-cation is more in line with your summer plans, consider the safety precautions that pertain to you.

As you sit on your back patio or at your neighborhood pool, safeguard your home by locking your front door and gate (if applicable), and closing your garage. Furthermore, keep an eye on the front of your home with outdoor video surveillance cameras and remote access, in which video feeds appear right on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Summertime Personal Safety

Certain personal safety precautions are more pertinent to the summer months than other times of the year. Remember to:

  • Keep hydrated.
  • Wear hats, seek shade and use sunblock when possible.
  • Plan active outdoor outings early in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Allow yourself the time to warm up and cool down so you don’t shock your body when exerting energy in extreme heat conditions.
  • Use bug spray when necessary, and avoid scented soap and perfume.
  • Maintain your car with summer considerations in mind.
  • Always check to see if a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Wear a helmet when biking.
  • Have two adults present when biking with children—one in front of the group and one behind.
  • Accompany children to neighborhood ice cream trucks.

Enjoy the nice weather that accompanies summer, all the while keeping safety top of mind. What are some other ways you keep safe during summer months?