You’ve put the kids to bed and hunkered down with a bowl of popcorn to watch the latest episode of your favorite late night show when you hear a *THUMP* upstairs.

Before hopping off the couch to investigate, you switch your TV screen to view your surveillance cameras. Good news: the kids are fast asleep. The thump came from the dog, leading an evening battle with his favorite toy.

With help from’s latest Amazon Fire TV application, you can now monitor your home right from your couch. The program offers four simultaneous video streams, allowing you to see your camera feeds 24-hours a day.

Imagine the Possibilities

Your TV offers another layer for household security management; here are some of the opportunities the new application presents:

  1. Always know who’s knocking. All-weather outdoor video surveillance options and night-vision features make it easy to see who’s on your doorstep at all hours.
  2. Manage a full house. Keep an eye on kids and teenagers without hovering or interrupting their fun. Set up cameras in the basement or backyard to ensure optimal safety of children and their friends.
  3. Ease new parent or caregiver worries. Monitor your sleeping baby from your TV while doing chores or finally having a moment to relax. If you are the caregiver for a loved one, the same benefits apply. Provide your loved one with privacy, while still being able to check in on his or her safety.

The new Amazon Fire TV application is another exciting feature within a growing network of smart home devices. If you’re interested in connecting, centralizing and controlling your home, the following reads overview benefits and security safeguards:

How would you use streaming video surveillance from your TV to protect and monitor your home? Share in the comments below!

Image Source: cyclonebill