To better serve customers, many home security companies (Vector Security included) offer basic automation capabilities to complement core security offerings.

With the remote control and automation of household devices—e.g. lights, heating and cooling, security systems, locks, etc.—homeowners enjoy greater safety and convenience, as household tasks are synced with their lifestyles.

Our new ebook, Smart Homes: The Basics of Home Automation provides an overview of home automation solutions, applications, technologies and trends. It offers an expansive look at the intersection of home security and convenient living.

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The ebook dives into the following topics, giving you a snapshot of current and future automation possibilities.

  • Welcome to the Automated Home: Not quite sure what home automation is? We provide a beginner's introduction.
  • The Growing Adoption of Smart Homes: Home automation isn't new. Yet, it's just starting to gain traction among everyday homeowners, mainly because it is no longer cost prohibitive.
  • Security and Automation Intersect: Home security and automation are closely intertwined, and closer integration of the two is expected to spur greater automation adoption.
  • Home Automation Capabilities: With opportunities abounding, we share some common home automation applications, which can be set up easily with the help of a home security provider.
  • Future Home Technologies: To be truly connected, all elements of a home must be able to speak and interact with each other. This will require industry standardization, but we provide a glimpse at the possibilities.

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