According to, the majority of American households are dual-income families. Approximately 68% of married mothers and 94% of married fathers are in the labor force.

For working parents, busy schedules, business trips and often-inflexible work hours make managing the home a daily challenge.

Luckily, through smart home automation and remote monitoring, working moms and dads don’t have to be present to safeguard their homes. Via a mobile application, they can remotely check in, control and maintain home devices.

1. Automated Lights

Send a clear message to your kids and teenagers when it’s time to wake up for school or go to sleep by remotely turning lights on or off using your mobile device.

Shrink your electric bill and conserve energy by turning off lights accidentally left on. Or, alternatively, ensure proper lights are switched on to ward off intruders during extended trips, or while teens or a babysitter is home with your children.

2. Automated Locks & Access Control

With access control installed at home, your family and trusted loved-ones need only a code to enter and exit the home securely. You can even provide user codes to caregivers or household service providers, which can be programmed to expire after temporary use. Through mobile alerts, receive a notification the instant a child, family member or caregiver enters the home.

Automated locks also allow you to secure or open doors remotely, with the touch of a button from your mobile application. Forgot that a family member was stopping by for a visit? No problem; remotely open the door so they can wait inside until you arrive.

3. Sensors

It can be difficult for working parents to keep track of restricted areas in the home, such as medicine or alcohol cabinets. Install sensors in high-risk areas, such as your home office or cleaning cupboard. When triggered, you’ll receive an alert to your mobile device, allowing you to check in and ensure restricted areas are accessed appropriately.

4. Video Surveillance

Use your computer, smartphone or tablet to keep an eye on your entire home from anywhere, at any time, with video surveillance. Keep watch on your children, as well as tutors, caregivers, babysitters and service providers by adjusting camera views remotely.

If a visitor should arrive, motion-triggered settings allow you to know who’s knocking via video feed. If the visitor is unknown or suspicious, you can respond accordingly by checking in with neighbors or family, or even dispatching emergency responders. Should any problems occur in or outside of the home, you can refer back to video footage stored in the cloud to identify the source of the problem.

5. Home Appliances

Hold your family accountable for responsible appliance use in the interest of conserving energy and maintaining home safety. For example, monitor your thermostat or oven to ensure that they have not been left on for extended periods.

Turn off televisions and other entertainment electronics during homework time, late at night or when your child has been prohibited from device use.

Smart home technology can make raising a family and continuing your professional career a little less hectic by adding peace of mind and convenience.

Do you have any smart home security tips for working parents? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Source: o5com via Flickr