Smart Home Skeptics Question Costs and Convenience

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 by under Monitoring, Security, Smart Home

Smart Home Skeptics Question Costs and Convenience

According to a recent survey, smart home device buyers are concerned with two important factors: user-friendliness and cost.

As smart home technology grows in popularity, consumers will increasingly look for the most convenient and cost-effective options on the market. Read on to learn how smart home security providers are prepared to meet these needs.

Trusted Providers Offer Affordability and Ease of Use

Here are three ways security companies work to manage the smart home customer experience from the start:

  1. Tailored System Selection. Seasoned providers know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to smart home security. The most qualified security companies will work with new and potential customers to create a smart home security plan that is personalized for both their needs and budget.

    Experts can help skeptical homeowners develop a custom-made home security system, addressing real customer needs and concerns.

  2. Professional Support. The survey found that 37% of smart home owners installed smart home devices on their own, and 61% of owners prefer to maintain their system through self-service. Should you choose to DIY, take precaution to ensure that your smart home system is installed properly and meets industry equipment standards.
  3. Customer Care. Professional smart home security is sustained through ongoing maintenance support. If your device is not working properly or due for an upgrade, contact your provider for assistance. Reliable providers will work to ensure your family receives sufficient guidance throughout the complete smart home security integration process.

What’s holding you back from incorporating a smart home security program into your home? Contact a Vector Security expert to answer your questions today!

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