Last year brought exciting and innovative trends across the home security industry.

A key Vector Security highlight in 2015 included launching our first home automation and mobile security application. This year, Vector Security will have more offerings coming down the pipeline.

Looking into 2016, Vector Security experts weighed in on the smart home security trends consumers can expect.

4 Security Trends to Watch This Year

  1. Voice Activation: Since the advent of Siri, Apple Inc.’s digital assistant years ago, consumers have been craving more voice-activated technology offerings. The ease-of-use associated with voice commands allow consumers to control and manage devices hands-free, offering a new level of convenience. integrated its cloud-based platform services with Amazon’s voice-activated home digital assistant, Amazon Echo, in the beginning of 2016. The voice-control feature will allow homeowners to control smart lights, and the company plans to expand its connected offerings moving forward.

  2. Home Security On Screen: also integrated its smart home platform services with Apple TV. Now home security can be more intuitive and visual by connecting smart home capabilities to smart TV screens. For example, homeowners can watch live HD feeds from security cameras throughout the home or across properties. This comes after launched its Amazon Fire TV app last year.

  3. Improved Cyber Sensitivity: Cyber security is still a threat. Security researchers have continued to warn the connected device industry of potential cyber safety implications, especially in home security. If compromised, criminals can gain access to homeowner’s property and sensitive data. As technology improves, protection software and continued measures to secure home security devices will need to remain strong throughout the year.

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  4. More Wearable Tech: With the growing demand in Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technology remains at the top of the list. introduced its smart watch application last year, officially launching the company’s relationship between home security and wearable devices. Consumers should look forward to continued integration in IoT between home and wearable technology this year.

CTA: What trends do you anticipate will take off in 2016? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Image Source: Jisc