With more free time during the summer, consumers are spending less time in the office and more time shopping.

Smart technologies, such as HVAC systems, programmable thermostats and smart lights, are excellent solutions for business owners who look to provide comfort and safety for their patrons during the summer.

Read how you can benefit from installing smart equipment to keep your business and customers cool this summer.

Create a Comfortable Shopping Environment

No one wants to feel uncomfortably hot or cold while he or she shops. The majority of shoppers prefer to browse in ambient temperatures around 68°F, which is why stores with an HVAC system offer a better experience for customers and employees during the summer. The benefits of maintaining a temperate environment include:

  • Encouraging shoppers to browse longer.
  • Protecting merchandise from heat and humidity damage.
  • Providing optimal comfort for employees and customers.

Monitor Store Environment Remotely

Smart thermostats and lights can be managed from your computer or smartphone regardless of where you are, keeping you connected with your business at all times. With free smartphone applications, you can adjust these features remotely and receive alerts of any changes in your business’ environment.

Smart equipment also allows you to monitor for potential environmental hazards and protect customers and employees from dangers caused by warmer weather. Receive real-time alerts when a water pipe bursts due to sudden changes in temperature or high carbon monoxide levels from HVAC leaks.

Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Money

Energy management solutions allow you to create customized schedules for your thermostat and lights to fit your business hours. Scheduling your HVAC and smart lights to only turn on during store hours will ensure comfort when there are people present. Controlling these settings will limit the amount of energy you consume, ultimately lowering expenses.

Installing smart lights, thermostats and HVAC system will improve the overall experience for customers and employees. Utilize these smart features to keep your business cool and comfortable this summer.