Vector Security Customer Catches Suspected Burglar on Camera

During a weeknight around 8 p.m. in Nashville, Tennessee, Beck and her family were cooking in the kitchen when her phone buzzed. It was an alert from the Vector Security app notifying her that there was movement detected near the front door. She quickly unlocked her phone and noticed an alert displaying an image of a man at her door.

“I looked up from my phone and I could see him through the window. He was directly in my line of sight as I stood in my kitchen cutting vegetables. I didn’t know what this man was doing around my house and I immediately wondered if I locked the front door earlier,” Beck recalls. “I quickly grabbed my husband, and we watched the video feed through the app to see what the man was doing.”

Since moving to their home, the couple knew they needed a home security system they could rely on, because neighbors had mentioned that it’s common to see people walking around the neighborhood at night checking car doors to see if they’re locked. Out of caution, Beck had an outdoor camera installed on her front porch and had the camera set to send mobile alerts if any motion was detected.

About 20 minutes after the incident, Beck posted a photo of the man standing at her front door on an East Nashville community Facebook group. She was able to retrieve that image from the Vector Security app.

“I posted that photo on a Facebook group to alert those around me. If anyone in the area saw my post, there was still a good chance he was hanging around and he might have been spotted by others. If anything else, getting a clear image of him on camera might lead to catching him in the future if he continues to try to break into other homes around my neighborhood,” Beck stated.

The police arrived shortly after the app notification and Beck filed a police report. Although she hasn’t heard anything back regarding the suspect, she’s happy that Vector Security was there to notify her, and she feels a lot safer knowing someone else is protecting her home.

“I’ve seen suspicious people walking around my neighborhood before, but I’ve never seen anyone try to check in on a home while the lights were on and it was obvious people were inside. It’s a good feeling to know that I had a backup even though I was home,” Beck said.

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